Willaru HuaytaWillaru

Born a Quetchua Indian, Willaru spent time in the Amazon jungles where he was initiated by ancient Lemurian Masters from the inner cities. He was asked to become an Inca Spiritual Messenger for the Aquarian Age and his messages of healing and pathways to peace have since flowed out around the world.

Willaru radiates an extraordinary energy of power and love while remaining low key and very accessible. He is one of the Elders who is always open to share ancient (and modern) wisdom with those who are sincere in their quest for spiritual truth. Simply being in his presence can often activate loving shifts and changes within us.

He says he is “an eternal student of life and is always learning and teaching. To heal Mother Earth, we need to heal ourselves first, then the change comes in our life. Let’s walk together along the Inca sacred sites and allow the music of our hearts to rise to new octaves....”

Willaru lives in Cusco, Peru with his wife and two children. He continues to study and practice sacred knowledge of the ancient Mystery Schools.

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