• ...it is said that
    “one day in a Sacred Site
    is worth a
    thousand days
    of meditation”

  • be inspired

    replenish your soul

    gaze in awe





Spiritual travel to Sacred Sites

Sacred sites are a magnificent reflection of their earthly surroundings. They remind us of our intrinsic link to the planet and that we are both spiritual and deeply of the earth. Many of them exude....a palpable mystical energy. One can sense that they are operating as cosmic portals to various other worldly dimensions where Divine consciousness can somehow be made more accessible to us, especially with focussed intention and an open heart......

“If you are experiencing a pull to travel or make an intentional journey to specific destinations on the planet, it is likely that at some level your soul is answering a profound calling….if you can, try to follow it, for it is a gift.”

Your Sacred Site Guide – Anna Filliol

Anna offers her services as a tour organiser and spiritual intuitive at sacred sites. She can help you access the mystical aspects of your journey and lead you into “deep connected spaces” via meditations and her highly tuned intuition.She is a passionate traveller with a background at American Express Travel and Travel for Industry, London. Anna’s spiritual life purpose and work history make her an ideal Spiritual Tour leader. She combines practicality and fun with the expertise to help facilitate a deeper understanding and special experience on your journeys to sacred places.


Join her group tours or contact her to discuss organising your own private tour (minimum 2 people).


“Through her abilities as a meditation and spiritual guide, Anna can help you experience a powerful and heightened connection to the world around you – both seen and unseen.”

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