50ml frosted glass bottle $30

With Deeper Message $110 (see description at the bottom of page)

Each Divine Aura Spray bottle is absolutely unique. Prepared by Anna Filliol under spiritual guidance to support current energy requirements and highest well being. Divine Aura Sprays contain potential vibrations from nature, the crystal kingdom, Master energies and universal light waves.

“As I tune in while making a spray, it is like a dance with the universe in honour of the recipient! I am seamlessly guided to incorporate essential oils, colour, crystals and light energies”.

To use, shake well then spray through your aura or into any space you occupy e.g. rooms, car, work space etc. Spray before & after meditation, to clear space, focus, recharge, access peaceful states, between clients, at bedtime etc. Be creative as to how your spray can be used…




Individual Sacred Anointing Oils

10ml glass roll on bottle with gold top $45

With Deeper Message $125 (see description at bottom of page)

Sacred Anointing Oils carry the intention of divine emanations drawn down from the eternal cosmic universe. Subtle yet powerful, Sacred Anointing Oils can be used to create a deep sense of calm.Especially good applied before, during or after meditation, roll onto chakra and pulse points allowing beautiful fragrances to uplift your heart and soul. Excellent as a tool for gathering energies, grounding and linking into the stillness and expansion within. Particularly to support you during phases of deep inner transformation, Sacred Anointing Oils work perfectly with the lightness of Divine Aura Sprays.


Made with base oils like jojoba & olive oil, essential oils and 24 carat gold. Roll on, breathe deep and enjoy.

Global Sacred Anointing Oils


THE MAGI-CHRIST Sacred Anointing Oil

$45 for 10ml glass roll on bottle with gold top

The original inspiration for the Sacred Anointing Oil range. The "Magi-Christ" is quite simply divine. Contains frankincense, gold, myrrh and rose. While using, focus on visualising the eternal wellspring of love within. For personal or group use, apply to focus during meditation, prayer or ritual - a deep sacred blessing for self and others.


TREES Sacred Anointing Oil

$35 for 10ml glass roll on bottle with gold top

Filled with essential oils from the trees of our planet, TREES Sacred Anointing Oil is earthy, super grounding and sublime. A delight for tree and nature lovers.



A two to three page description about what your Divine Aura Spray or Sacred Anointing Oil is specifically created for, how best to use for maximum benefit and includes combinations of personal messages from Spiritual Guides, Angelic Realms, Ascended Masters, Divine light energies etc. Each “Deeper Message” carries its own unique format.


All prices are in New Zealand Dollars.

Postage & Handling within New Zealand and Australia 1 bottle @ $10.00 (add $1 for each additional bottle for up to 6 bottles); other countries will be quoted in response to your email.

How to Order

Email or phone stating exactly what you want to order. Specific information or requests are welcome or, equally as potent….just leave everything to the flow of the universe! These make very special gifts as well.


Once your order is received, you will be given a quote and exact payment details.



"Thank you Anna & your divine guides for creating the most beautiful Aura spray for me! Every day I use this wonderful spray to help center myself before the day ahead, to relax before I go to sleep and as a start to every meditation. My aura spray has become a distinct part of my daily routine and each spray takes me to the wonderful universe we are all connected to. I have enjoyed mine so much I arranged for one to be made for a friend who was thrilled by this very personal gift. The added bonus of the pictures of the sprays being 'made' along with the deeper message, makes these unique and meaningful. I'm looking forward to my next bottle!" Tania McCulloch, Auckland

Anna your aura sprays are divine….it gives me a wonderful feeling of being protected. The Deeper meaning information that came with it, helped to explain this feeling the spray gave me, and was very accurate. This also applies to your readings; they are very intuitive and helpful. Tina.

I love my Aura Sprays! Not only are they gorgeous as scents, but the energy in them and the messages with them have been perfect every time. I love how they keep changing as my energy is changing. I haven’t worn perfume in a long time but people keep telling me how lovely they smell. I really appreciate how Anna tunes in for every bottle and often sends me either a photo or an update as they are being created. Very uplifting to use!
Mary Alice Arthur

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