Anna has been an amazing spiritual teacher, through the Develop your Intuition classes and further meditation classes.
I highly recommend the classes, even for those who are a little unsure of it all!
Toni Horne, Wellington


I received a Divine Aura spray with a deeper message as a surprise gift. How incredibly and profoundly perfect Anna was with the sprays' ingredients and the deeper message.
I am having difficulty now even trying to pen the depth of meditation my spray allowed me to go, not to mention the smell
is scense-sational!
The experience motivated me to call Anna for a Life focus session which again allowed me to gain more direction in my life and create a plan so I could focus my energies on what was required. This insight was also accompanied by some very user friendly practical advice. An incredible experience on all levels.


Thank-you Anna I am truly grateful. 
L.Edmonds, Australia


I did Anna's Develop Your Intuition course two years ago. I had had a few experiences since my mum passed away so I was open to finding out more about things.
I started as a nervous newbie in the world of spiritualism but the word 'intuition' reassured me that it wouldn't be too left field for me. Anna was amazingly normal and funny and welcoming which reassured me and then as the weeks went on I realised she was also very powerfully connected with the universe.
She took us on a journey to open up our intuition and it was fascinating. The best thing I learned was how to meditate and this has changed the way I live my life. It has given me the strength to overcome the challenges in my life and brought me a sense of well-being and peace that I didn't have before.


I would recommend Anna's Develop Your Intuition course to everyone. It's also fun seeing what happens each week and meeting other like-minded people and the other 'visitors' who arrive sometimes.
Trish.N, Wellington


The first Life Focus session I had with Anna by phone a year ago made
many things fall into place including background perspectives that I
had been unaware of, and was altogether extremely meaningful,
reassuring and uplifting.

At the time I was also thinking of going to Peru and while doing a
search of spiritually oriented tours found that Anna's energy and
awareness of spirit of place felt the most resonant. As it turned I
was unable to go last year but I recently contacted Anna re other
issues - and again thank you, Anna for another very powerful focus
and healing session.
Diana- Sydney, Australia


"Thank you Anna & your divine guides for creating the most beautiful Aura spray for me!  Every day I use this wonderful spray to help centre myself before the day ahead, to relax before I go to sleep and as a start to every meditation.  My aura spray has become a distinct part of my daily routine and each spray takes me to the wonderful universe we are all connected to.  I have enjoyed mine so much I arranged for one to be made for a friend who was thrilled by this very personal gift.  The added bonus of the pictures of the sprays being 'made' along with the deeper message, makes these unique and meaningful.  I'm looking forward to my next bottle!"
Tania McCulloch, Auckland


Anna your aura sprays are divine….it gives me a wonderful feeling of being protected. The Deeper meaning information that came with it, helped to explain this feeling the spray gave me, and was very accurate. This also applies to your readings; they are very intuitive and helpful.


I was very fortunate to be in Anna’s Develop your Intuition Course. In 8 weeks, my life space expanded vastly and became multidimensional.  My personal life becomes even happier, my work becomes focused and efficient, my health and energy level expand beyond sufficient. Life suddenly is full of choices and means. The abundance of love, friendship and proficiency flourishes ever after. Every day I say to myself how lucky I am to know Anna. I sincerely and unreservedly recommend Anna’s Develop your Intuition Course. YL, Wellington.


“Anna has a natural ability to guide people through meditation – I went very deep during the Inner Planes meditations.
I highly recommend her for all meditation and spiritual courses”.
Christiane Hargrave, Auckland


I love my Aura Sprays!  Not only are they gorgeous as scents, but the energy in them and the messages with them have been perfect every time.  I love how they keep changing as my energy is changing.  I haven’t worn perfume in a long time but people keep telling me how lovely they smell.  I really appreciate how Anna tunes in for every bottle and often sends me either a photo or an update as they are being created.  Very uplifting to use!
Mary Alice Arthur


"I booked one of Anna's life focus sessions by phone. It is difficult for me to get around at the moment and this was perfect as I didn't have to move from my living room. The session was for 45 minutes and helped to give me the focus and direction I needed.

Anna worked out immediately what were the one or two main issues in my life that I needed to focus on and the choices that would work best for me over the coming 18 months. Anna highlighted practical steps and approaches I should take to make what I want to achieve a reality. We also discussed what I needed to do to avoid going down a path that would not be in my best interests. There were many things she told me that she could not possibly have known and I was struck by the power of her psychic knowledge.

All in all I felt reassured and happier after my session and knew that I was on the right track."

H.T. of Wellington


Anna’s genuine warmth from her soul came through her loving and wise eyes and touched me immediately when I first met her. I have done a one on one life skills session with Anna as well as attending her meditation and Christ Consciousness teaching classes. Anna has a divine energy that she generously shares with others to inspire personal growth and fulfilment. She is knowledgeable and her teachings and meditation sessions are powerful and effective in bringing a heightened connectedness for all of those who attend. Anna is fun, vibrant and youthful in her outlook and is generous and loving in her spirit. Anna is a perfect pleasure to be with and to learn from.

Rebecca - Wellington


As a teacher and spiritual guide, Anna Filliol embodies a beautiful combination of enthusiasm, ease, focus, and fun. Her teaching style meets my need to learn in a way that is both inspirational and grounded. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning with her, and am looking forward to the next course with great enthusiasm! Her guided meditations are powerful and life-changing, and her commitment to spiritual development and planetary healing is inspiring and encouraging. I highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to deepen their relationship with their own intuition or strengthen their connection to their guidance system.
Meg Williams
Aotearoa New Zealand


“Anna Filliol is truly a gift! Her beautiful Meditations, her spiritual mentoring and guidance, her enthusiasm for adventures of a life defining nature are inspiring and a gift to be a part of. I just wish she still lived in Melbourne!”

Roz Clarke, Melbourne, Australia
Communication Specialist.


Develop your Intuition Course:

The entire course provided me with a solid base (and more!) as to what is available through spirit in its many different ways. Anna provides wisdom within a generous space for these connections to take place. RR, Wellington.


Develop Your Intuition Course
Male - 24 
I come from a Christian background and was looking for something more.
I knew there must be more to spirituality than what I had been taught through the church. Anna's course covered a panorama of stuff from working with Crystals to sending healing energy. Fantastic!
I really appreciate Anna's light. Her energy is light and positive.
I learnt some great meditations in this course.
The handouts are really helpful, especially for going back through previous meditations.
I was grateful for the non-threatening environment. When I think back to the layout of the room with the soft light and gentle music, it's like going to a peaceful place where I can relax & focus on matters of the spirit - that's a really valuable scene to remember.
I was pleasantly surprised that there were only a couple of moments where I thought "This is a bit weird."
Most of the people there seemed like your normal everyday person - the course is designed that way; it caters for everyday people.
Christopher Hobbs


I attended Anna's "Develop your Intuition" course in 2006, and found it to be an amazing and fulfilling experience.

She is a very talented and gifted person, with a beautiful energy about her. I totally recommend any course of Anna's.

Sally, Wellington, New Zealand.


'I have recently had the good fortune to experience a healing session and workshop facilitated by Anna Filliol. This was extremely rewarding and helped me gain clarity, direction and insight into my soul journey and purpose. Anna works from the heart at all times and has a compassionate, gentle approach to her work. She is so passionate about her life and work that you can't help but be affected by all that beautiful energy she embodies! '



'Anna has been and still is my life saver. I first met Anna when I

attended one of her Feng Shui workshops in August 2006 and since then have received healing and life coaching sessions and have attended spiritual workshops and meditations. Anna's weekly meditations are the highlight of my week.

Anna counselled and supported me in the most gentle and caring way through some challenging times. I distinctly remember two sessions when I needed a healing session as soon as possible. Anna was able to offer me this within a day or two, once on a Sunday!

I can't thank her enough and am indebted to her generosity and sincerity. I call her 'Anna Angel.'

Susan, Wellington, New Zealand


I had tried to learn meditation for many years at the place I was studying yoga. I found it extremely hard—in fact, I was resistant, and often ended up having to leave the class as I started coughing. Anna helped me to pass this hurdle, and to open doors to an inner quietness and to a peace and to a universe I could not imagine. She has a gift—and I am so glad that now she will be able to share it more widely.

Clare, Melbourne.


Anna is inspiring, energetic and a loving guide who sparks great light within those she meets.

FP, Melbourne. Xxx


"I've been to Anna's meditation, 'life focus' session, 'develop your

intuition' class, and also had her feng shui advice. Anna is amazing! I'm (and you'll be) surprised how much more positive and better life is after meeting her."

A Reis

Wellington, NZ


1. In her meditations Anna has the calm, clear voice of an angel.

2. Anna's wit and clarity is refreshing in the face of the heat of the moment when the energy is healing!

3. I love the way Anna makes airy fairy spiritual stuff so normal!

4. Anna's warmth and humanness help to create such an accessible pathway in to spirit.

5. I would travel the world with this woman! Laughter, clarity, wisdom, beauty, fun, warmth and so very down to earth!
- Anna Groves


My husband and I have both had the good fortune to join some of Anna’s meditations over the past ten years. They are each experiences that along with knowing Anna have been important to our personal and spiritual growth. For those that are open to new experiences, I highly recommend a journey held by Anna.

Much love John and Karen/Auckland

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