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Inti - Peru 2008

Anchor Love

August 2-16, 2008


“When Peru calls your heart and you answer that call...a journey begins which can only be described as an awakening of the most profound kind.”



Inca Spiritual Messenger and Mystery School Initiate



Spiritual Intuitive and Meditation Specialist

Experience the splendour of ancient sun temples and initiation sites on a mystical, spiritual, life changing journey through Peru! When we choose to open our hearts to accept the divine love of creation... then we are truly blessed. We invite you on an exploration to the most amazing place...the temple of love within your own heart and soul...enhanced by two weeks in the extraordinary vibrations of Peru’s sacred energy. Simply by being there, many people experience a “thinning of the veils” and a brilliant opportunity for personal and spiritual growth. If this special journey is calling you, trust that you are ready to accelerate...


Note...because our trip focuses on being a spiritual journey, our wish is for each of you to experience the sacred within and sometimes we may be called to make slight changes in the set itinerary to enhance this. Peru is truly an adventure on so many levels but Spirit is spontaneous and we must allow ourselves the space to honour this.

Daily Itinerary for 2008

B Breakfast L Lunch D Dinner ON Overnight

Day 1. Sat 2nd Aug
Arrive Lima. You will be picked up at Lima International Airport and transferred to your hotel. ON Lima


Day 2. Sun 3rd Aug
Breakfast. Depart for early morning flight to Cusco, sacred city of the Incas and centre of the Incan Empire. Here we take time to adjust to the altitude, relax, drink coco tea and take it easy. This rest day is very important. Some people may like to arrive a day early to give themselves extra time to acclimatise. Group introduction and Welcome Gathering. Dinner 7pm. ON Cusco BD


Day 3. Mon 4th Aug
After breakfast we spend the day exploring power places and attuning to the energies around Cusco including visits to Sacsayhuaman (Temple of the Earth) and magical Tipon (a water temple). Dinner 7pm. ON Cusco BD


Day 4 Tue 5th AugWillaru
Breakfast and bus to the Sacred Valley of the Incas (Urubamba), home of the Ancient Mystery Schools. Enjoy great shopping and get a feel of the local culture at Pisac Indian Market and Village. After lunch (not included) we hike to the extraordinary ruins of the Royal Inca Palaces at Pisac where Willaru will lead us into meditation to receive knowledge of the Mystery School there. Dinner 7pm.
ON Sacred Valley BD


Day 5. Wed 6th Aug
After breakfast we travel by bus deeper into the Sacred Valley and base of the Great White Brotherhood. Today we will visit traditional local homes at Ollantaytambo and have a full day to explore the mighty citadel and Pyramid of Ollantaytambo (Temple of the Condor). Climb Inca terraces and meditate by the mysterious cosmic Sun Temple. Afterwards take a well earned rest by serene sacred springs. Dinner 7pm. ON Sacred Valley BD


Mother Earth TempleDay 6. Thurs 7th Aug
Breakfast then bus through rural highland scenery to the fascinating Mother Earth Temple at Moray. Concentric terraces create an amazing energetic opening to the three primary forces of the universe. Afternoon for relaxing and integration. Dinner 7pm. ON Sacred Valley BD

Machu Picchu


Day 7. Fri 8th Aug
Breakfast and the excitement builds as we ride the train along the stunning Urubamba river canyon to Agua Calientes at the base of Machu Picchu. After checking in to our hotel and lunch, bus to Machu Picchu for your first magnificent view of this extraordinary, breathtaking ancient city surrounded by sacred mountains.
Some of you will feel as if you have arrived home! Spend late afternoon till sunset quietly soaking it up. Dinner 7pm.
ON Agua Calientes BD


Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu











Day 8. Sat 9th Aug Boy
Breakfast then bus back up to Machu Picchu for all day explorations and meditating into the refined vibrations of the Ascended Masters and Mystery School of Higher Initiation. Optional climb up Wayna Picchu to the Moon Temple or hike Huayna Picchu Mountain to the Sun Gate (Inti Punku). Dinner 7pm.
ON Agua Calientes BD


Day 9. Sun 10th Aug
Breakfast then train to Ollantaytambo. Meet our bus and travel to the Incan weaving town Chincheros. Time to slow down here and ground the energies of our Machu Picchu experience. Dinner 7pm. ON Cusco BD






Day 10. Mon 11th Aug
Leisure day in Cusco and preparation for departure to Lake Titicaca. Dinner 7pm.
ON Cusco BD


Day 11. Tue 12th Aug
Breakfast. Morning bus to Puno and the highest navigable lake in the world – Titicaca, home of the Incan Civilisation. On the way we visit Inti Wiraqocha (the Solar Christ Temple). Dinner. ON Puno BD


Day 12. Wed 13th Aug
Breakfast then down to Puno pier and take a boat to visit the floating Island of Uros. Continuing on to Isla Taquile, shop for traditional weaving and explore this peaceful island surrounded by blue water. Dinner 7pm. ON Puno BD


Day 13. Thurs 14th Aug Uros
After breakfast we head out late morning to visit the Temple at Chucuito. Nearby we will have an opportunity to open our hearts and immerse ourselves in the powerful energy of Amaru Meru - retreat and inter dimensional doorway of Lemurian Master Lord Amaru Meru. Dinner 7pm.
ON Puno BD


Day 14. Fri 15th Aug
Breakfast then transfer to Juliaca Airport for our flight to Lima . On the way we stop at Silustanni, galactic gateway. Check in to our hotel in Lima. Closing Gathering and celebration dinner!
ON Lima BD


Day 15. Sat 16th Aug
Breakfast, optional visits to the Anthropological Museum or Indian Markets (depending on your departure times).Airport transfers. B



Physical Fitness: Although there is no demanding trekking on this trip, there is plenty of walking at high altitude and hiking up to each site (lots of steps as well). However we are on a sacred journey and won’t be rushing anywhere. It is so important to stop and take “it all in”. Most healthy people are able to enjoy the walking and also feel as if they are getting lots of wonderful, life affirming exercise!

Altitude: A good tip is to take it easy the first couple of days in order for your body to adjust to the change of altitude. You will be sent an information booklet prior to departure which will have plenty of tips on how to deal with the altitude on our trip to Peru. Oxygen is available at the hotels we are staying in. If you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.



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