Sacred Sites and Awakening
the Heart by Anna Filliol

Published Rainbow News Feb/March 2008


Sacred sites all over the planet are calling for a gathering of light keepers. Hey, that’s us! For those of us who answer this timeless call...a journey awaits that is best described as an awakening of the most profound kind.

Recently I made a spiritual Pilgrimage to Peru. I was about seven years old when I first heard the words Lake Titicaca. I never forgot that name and I always knew that I would go to “that” land. The minute I decided to go it seemed as if the Peruvian sacred site cogs whirred into motion! By the time I checked in for my flight, where an upgrade to business class was offered and accepted....there was a marked sense of divine order. Finally, as I entered the gates of mighty Machu heart melted into the mountains and “I am in awe.” Remember, a journey always begins long before you set foot in your destination.


It is said that “one day in a sacred site is worth a thousand days of meditation”. Nothing new here. Sacred sites have been a destination....a compulsion for spiritual seekers and layman alike for as long as we humans can recall. Traditionally regarded as places of power they represent a coming together of body/land, mind/consciousness and spirit/Creator.

Ancient sacred sites are connected with the sun and the planets in accordance with sacred geometry. Built on powerful underground energies, research indicates that they resonate with the geometry held within our very own cells. This geometric resonance may activate healing and well-being due to a spiritual and physical alignment which can occur when someone enters a sacred site. Drinking water from “holy” wells within a sacred site is wonderful because water conducts even more of this energy. Frequently the site’s stone building materials, sometimes coming far from local sources, carry a high percentage of quartz crystal which can be programmed to hold information and particular vibrations.

At the Water Temple in Tipon, I laid my cheek against an enormous pink rock. It exuded the most incredible softness which immediately transported me to another time and place. Instantly I became aware that benevolent master energies had dwelled here and were still connected to this place. I could clearly see with my heightened inner vision, a tooing and froing of various flight craft. My heart was lovingly embraced on a level that I cannot describe. Below me someone was running along one of the grassy pathways. His joy was plain.

Sacred sites are a magnificent reflection of their earthly surroundings, reminding us of our intrinsic link to the planet and that we are deeply of the earth. At the same time, many of them exude....they literally emanate....a palpable mystical energy. You can sense that they are operating as cosmic portals to various other worldly dimensions and that here, in these places; Divine consciousness can somehow be made more accessible to us, especially with focussed intention and an open heart.

We must remember that our personal energy contributes to the purpose of these sites which ultimately is about healing ourselves and the planet. For a moment, imagine yourself as a candle burning brightly, from which others can light their own flame at no cost to you. When you take your light to the brilliant light of a “living” sacred site, it’s as if you join with a vast flame which not only ignites your soul but the supreme light from this vast flame can flow out to the universe and foster enlightenment, peace and healing.

Following are some guidelines which will help you to make the most of your exciting journey to a sacred site and its lands:

Your physical body is just a small part of who you are as a Being and yet it is extremely important to keep yourself anchored to the earth. Earthly anchoring enables your body to assimilate the higher frequency of energies that you will most certainly encounter when entering a Sacred Site. Be healthy, exercise and get fit for your journey, spend time in nature, take time to earth your energy by visualising your consciousness travelling deep into the core of Mother Earth...greet Mother Earth then silently say the words “open contact” and experience the connection.

Choose a quiet time to meditate, perhaps light a candle and send a prayer/request to the Spiritual Guardians of the land or specific sites to ask for permission to visit. Keep a journal handy as you may like to jot down any impressions or information you receive. Now set your intentions for the trip. The art is to be clear and specific about what you would like to experience and at the same time be flexible...ready to go with the flow.

In preparation for Peru I called to the Guardians and immediately I was shown the Andes...somehow I knew that these were the same mountains that I had travelled to in my meditations many times before. Then “Old Man Time” appeared before me, (I am very visual in my meditations but sensing or knowing is just as powerful), he had a staff in one hand and a lantern in the other and he hit the ground with his staff and all the earth rumbled. I intuitively knew that this meant that Peru was opening to me and that it was a powerful opening. Subsequently near the end of my time in Peru, I was reading a book which someone had lent me. It was called “Secrets of the Andes” and there on the last page was a drawing of the ancient Lemurian sage Lord Amaru was my Old Man Time!


If you are visiting Sacred Sites as part of a spiritual journey...try to avoid reading about the history can do that when you get home. The reason I suggest this is that when you visit with no pre conceived ideas, you are likely to be more receptive to insights. Sacred sites are constantly pouring out information and the more child like and open you are, the less you will block your authentic experience.

Find a good guide but trust your intuition (inner tuition). Make sure that you don’t chatter and fritter away your energies before, during or after your visit to a sacred site. Remain centred and breathe in the vibration of this amazing place that you have brought yourself to. Soak it up. Allow time to just sit, lean up against...and simply be. Following your inner guidance will lead you where you need to explore. Feeling and touching is really important when you are exploring because the sensors in your fingers and hands will jump to attention, connect you with your surroundings and activate your being. Actually the skin cells that your hands leave upon the surfaces create a powerful connection to the site. You can revisit there in your mind, any time you wish....just close your eyes and visualise returning.


Connection Meditation

Use this to activate your connection into the land or
a sacred site.

Close your eyes and focus into your heart centre...inhaling...imagine drawing divine energy down through your crown and into your heart centre.......mingle the energies in your heart centre...... then exhale and imagine sending the energy out through the base of your spine deep down into the earth.

Now inhale and draw earth energy up from the earth and up through the base of your spine...into your heart......mingle the energy in your heart centre and then exhale the energies out through your crown and up to merge with divine energy........

To finish...inhale both heaven and earth energies at the same time......let them meet and blend in your heart centre......exhale and visualise peace flowing out in all directions.

On your journey, be sure to take time alone to meditate and allow for the awakenings of your heart to rise up into your awareness. Be open to receive any spiritual messages that are more freely available to you at this time due to the fact that the sacred sites have enabled a “thinning of the veils”. Like a radio, you have tuned all you need do is listen and take notes!

My journey through Peru and the Sacred Valley was utterly inspiring on every level in every way. Each step seemed to lift and expand my heart into a new level of consciousness. I was blessed to be in the presence of many masters and teachers (both seen and unseen!). The mountains had called me home to a place within myself and my heart began to sing.


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